Sunday, January 08, 2017

Skied Moguls Successfully

"Life's too short to drink cheap wine." ~ my college roommate

Our local ski resort has relied on making snow the entire winter, often running the snow making blowers for 24-48 hours.  This results in the creation of moguls since the snow builds up in a limited area.  Over time, the moguls are groomed flat, but initially, the slopes are pretty bumpy.

Although I've progressed well in the past two years, skiing the moguls was a new challenge for me.  My daughter, who has the same years of experience as me, did better than I did, only falling a couple times.   I fell about half the runs and then finally figured it out in the last run.   I needed to start slower at the top, and ski more down hill, instead of across the slope.  That way, I have more control.

My last run was the best run

Unfortunately, the temperatures will be going into the 60s this week.  So I may not be able to test my abilities until next weekend or later, when temperatures drop low enough for more snow making.

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