Friday, January 07, 2011

Another Senior Discount - College Course Fees

In Senior Discounts Begin at 50, I posted about establiments that provide discounts to senior shoppers at age 50 , even though most senior discounts occur at 55, 62, or 65. Tonight, I am posting about another great senior discount: taking college courses at significantly discounted prices or even for free.

When I was in college, my Alma Mater allowed seniors to audit any course for a charge of $50. I thought this program was unique until I read Retirees: College Courses for the Taking on The article reported that several universities, including some in the Ivy League, give seniors the opportunity to audit (take without credit) courses for a cost of $25 to $500 per semester.

I checked on a major university near us and learned that seniors 60 and older are able to audit courses for free. Since I retired early, I would enjoy returning to school for a few select courses when I turn 60. Attending for free makes it even better :-)

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