Friday, January 28, 2011

Considering Temporary Un-Retirement

I have been asked to consider becoming the executive director of a new non-profit organization. While I am not guaranteed the position, I know there is very short list of possible candidates. Here are some reasons that I am a good match:

  • Familiarity with the organization. Before I retired, I worked with founders to develop the predecessor organization to the non-profit by bringing to life the idea and the mission. Also, I know two of the trustees (1/2 of the board) since they are colleagues from my company. Finally, I have worked on several of the key elements of the non-profit's mission as part of my job with the company.

  • Strong non-profit experience. I have significant experience working in non-profits as a volunteer and I have been president of the board of trustees for two non-profit organizations. Based on my experience, I can help the non-profit put in place the right organizational elements. Also, I have a good network of contacts for non-profit work. Even though I have not done the executive director role, I understand the responsibilities of the position.

  • Reasonable cost. Although not working for free (as a volunteer), I am willing to work for about 50% of market rates. (Since the organization is new, keeping costs low initially is important.) My reason for accepting lower pay is that I want to job to be temporary, part time and not a career. Being paid market rates (or working for free) would probably lead to 40-60 hour work weeks.
  • Overall, I think I could be of great help to the non-profit. The position is a good match for my skills, experience and strengths. In addition, it would provide broad small business experience without having to own a small business.

    My main concern is the time commitment, since I want to give family activities the highest priority. Also, I am enjoying the three seasonal part time jobs and the one volunteer job, and want to continue doing them. Before applying, I need to reconcile these potential conflicts.

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