Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Didn't Sign Up for This

One of my seasonal part time jobs is with a local office of a Fortune 500 company. When I took the job in 2007, I enjoyed the small company flexibility and the large company support structure. To me it was the best of both worlds.

Initially, the company was very open on how each individual did the work to provide good client services. This enabled me to focus on my strengths to do the work. Lately, the company been more prescriptive on how we execute the work. Instructions have been as detailed as the wording to be used when communicating with clients.

Having retired from a very large company, I fully understand why the formal systems are being deployed. Finding and implementing best practices is one way large companies create a competitive advantage. However, when I took this job, I didn't sign up for the role play training now required prior to each season nor the marketing projects that have been added to our priorities.

My reaction has been to significantly reduce the number of hours I work each week by 25-50%. So most of my time now is focused on working with clients, which I like, and minimal time is devoted to the corporate requirements, which I complete as needed. This way, I still get to spend the majority of my time on the elements of the work that I enjoy the most.

Unfortunately, I believe the company will continue the transition to large company systematization. Therefore, I probably will only last 1-2 more seasons before deciding working in this job isn't sufficiently enjoyable anymore.

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