Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Timeless Articles from the Archives #22

It's been over four years since I started My Wealth Builder. As I think about topics to write , I often remember, "I've written about that before," and decide to find a new topic. However, since many principles of personal finance are timeless, I want to include them in a recent post on My Wealth Builder. Therefore, I have started a series called "Timeless Articles from the Archives" and am highlighting posts from the same week in 2007-2010.


Retire From Your Job, Not Life. - In today's world, there is more opportunity to do more after retirement. Especially, if one has planned well financially.

Creating A Safety Net For Job Loss - Losing a job could happen to anybody. When I was working, these were some strategies for protecting myself and my family for this risk.

Pay Your Bills Right Away - Here's why I prefer this method over just-in-time payments.

Funding Allowances with a UTMA - Here how I am taking advantage of the tax benefits of a UTMA.


I Don't Complain, Instead I Don't Return - It used to be if I received bad service, I would take the time to fill out a complaint card and let the establishment know. However, I no longer do that. Now if the business gives me bad service, I just stop going.

Avoid (Unnecessary) Spending - A Quick Checklist - I created a three question checklist to use and a reader comment saved me from buying a new HDTV. I bought a used a HD converter box instead.

A FairTax Would Be "UnFair" To Me - Some of my good financial practices to date would be "punished" if a national sales tax replaced the income tax.


Stretching our Dining Out Dollars - Here are the ways we choose to save money when eating out.

Develop a Good Strategy - A strategy is simply a customized action plan to achieve a goal. Here are what I consider some important elments of a good strategy.

Where Did the 2008 Investment Losses Go? - The money never really existed, except in the minds of owners, and therefore, didn't really disappear.


Roth IRA: To Convert or Not to Convert - Here are the criteria we used, when we became eligible to do Roth conversions.

A Medicare Enrollment Watchout - Complex Medicare rules may cause some people to have a gap in insurance coverage or to pay a permanent 10% premium penalty per year of enrollment delay.

Holding Congressional Leaders Accountable - The principle of holding the leadership accountable should also apply to our politicians.

How I'm Investing in China - I will invest indirectly in China by focusing on global companies that are expanding their presence in China.

To me, the content of these posts are still relevant today and worth reading again.

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