Saturday, May 26, 2007

A New Estimate Of My Wealth Builder's Value

In an earlier post, I wrote the estimated value of My Wealth Builder was about $350,000. Since then, I have found a couple of blog value estimators that seem closer to reality. The first is dnScoop, which estimates the value of My Wealth Builder at $2000. The second is the Blog Valuation Calculator at A Virtual Exit, which estimates a value of $1700.

dnScoop uses an algorithm based on the following variables: blog age, Google Page Rank, inbound links, Alexa traffic rank, and number of indexed pages. The Blog Valuation Calculator at A Virtual Exit uses monthly traffic, Google Page Rank, eCPM, and estimated expenses for its algorithm.

While I agree that $350,000 is unrealistic, $2000 seems a bit low. Sentimentally, I consider my collection of posts to be priceless. Emotionally, I would have a very hard time letting go for under seven figures:-) However, the reality is price is really determined when a transaction is completed, and I am not currently interested in selling.

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