Saturday, May 12, 2007

Carnival Highlights For The Week #13 - Self Employed Edition

In reading the Carnivals this week, I looked for articles that were related to home businesses, being self employed or earning side income. Here are my picks for the week:

The Personal Development Carnival is hosted at Live The Power.My Carnival selection is Attitudinal Service, at Trusted Advisor Associates, which writes good customer service is intellectual. However, great customer service comes from the heart and soul.
The Carnival of Personal Finance #99 is organized by Money, Matter, and More Musings.My Carnival choice is by Tips for Running a Successful Seasonal Business by GreatFX Business Cards. The secret is managing three areas: budget, revenue, and time.
The Investor's Blog Network (IBN) Carnival #6 is hosted by The Digerati Life.My Festival pick is by Online Stock Trading which covers Online Stock Trading Mid-Day Trading. It provides a few tips and insights to help reduce the chart watching stress during the day,
The Carnival of Family Life #53 celebrates is one year anniversary at it's founder, An Island Life.

My Carnival choice is Family Business: Cons To Beware posted at Inklings, which gives a quick overview of home business pitfalls and ways to combat them.

The Festival of Frugality #73 is presented by Money Smart Life.My Festival pick is Save Money While Still Dining Out at Saving for Wealth, which shares money saving gift certificates to reduce the cost of business dinners. OK, this one is a bit of a stretch for the theme:-)
The Cavalcade of Risk is hosted at Getting Green.

My Carnival choice is Managing Risk in a Home Business at, which shares that they are multiple risk in a home business, including financial, business model, hiring and time management.

The Carnival of Taxes #18 is hosted by Don't Mess With Taxes.

My Carnival choice is Estimated Taxes and Avoiding Underpayment Penalties posted at Five Cent Nickel. How to pay estimated taxes is another "learning opportunity" of being self employed.

I hope you enjoy reading these Carnivals and finding ideas you can use.

This marks the final edition of Carnival Highlights for the Week. Based on a discussions at Money, Matter, and More Musings on what readers do not like in Personal Finance blogs, I am discontinuing this segment for now. It seems many regular personal finance blog readers dislike round up articles because the readers have already seen many of the highlighted articles. My site analytics also show these articles have relatively low readership.

My apologies to those readers who have enjoyed this segment. I hope you will equally enjoy the new segments that will replace Carnival Highlights for the Week.

Check back on Saturday for the next Reflections and Musings segment.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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