Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stock Buy List Update

I base my stock picking system on the Unemotional Investor Growth system from the book The Unemotional Investor by Robert Sheard, with the following modifications. First, I look at the top 20 stocks. In addition, I have found that avoiding the stocks that have a high percentage of shorted shares and investing when the Value Line weekly Rank 1 turnover is low are good additions to his Unemotional Growth criteria.

There have been a higher than normal weekly turnover in stocks included in the evaluation, which sometimes signals a correction in the market. The table shows the set of three stocks on my buy list and the one stock that was sold because it has dropped off the buy list.

My Wealth Builder Buy List
Stock, Shares and Purchase DatePurchase PriceDate Sold Price Sold
Coach (COH)
Avnet (AVT), 200, 4/20/07$38.11

still own

still own
C. B. Richard Ellis (CBG), 200, 4/20/07$36.39


Albemarle (ALB)

Since my April 23, 2007 post, Cognizant Technology (CTSH) and C. B. Richard Ellis (CBG) have dropped off my buy list. While I had not purchased CTSH yet, I sold CBG on 5/7/07 and 5/8/07 at $37.47 and $37.31, for a small gain of about 3%. I continue to hold AVT, which closed at 43.07 on May 11, 2006. At this time, I still have not purchased Coach (COH) or Albemarle (ALB), which is fortunate since COH is down about $5 and ALB is down about $2 during this period.

For now, I do not plan to make any additional purchases since the indicators in my system show the market may correct soon.

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