Friday, May 04, 2007

Retirement Planning By Age

Yahoo! Finance had an excellent article by titled Life Stages Interactive , which shares retirement planning and considerations for different age groups. I like this article, because retirement planning and saving does different by age group and also depends how much has been done at earlier ages.

The age groups covered are: 20-40, 40-55, 55-65, and 65+. Here are some of the key points.

Early Career: 20-40

  • Start saving young and let compounding work.

  • Use tax advantaged (401Ks and IRAs) and taxable saving options.

  • Diversify investments

  • Mid Career: 40-55

  • Evaluate one's life, career and saving situation. Make adjustments

  • Eliminating debt is a priority.

  • Hire a financial planner.

  • Save for retirement over college if a choice needs to be made.

  • Late Career: 55-65

  • Decide when to retire.

  • Estimate retirement income and possible sources

  • Review health care coverage and insurance needs.

  • Post Career: 65+

  • Manage income sources and investments.

  • Whatever one's age, the article, Life Stages Interactive, will have a few good tips to consider. Also, if one plans to retire earlier than 65, simply shift the age range earlier by an appropriate amount.

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