Sunday, July 08, 2007

Buy American - Frugality Strategy?

With all the news about issues with food and products from China, I've been considering a "buy American" strategy, both to be more frugal and for product safety peace of mind. While I am appreciative of the standard of living improvements that have been created by "made in China" products, I am concerned about two things:

  1. Am I unnecessarily "living larger" and experiencing "lifestyle inflation" due to the cost of goods becoming much cheaper. This would be contrary to a buy only what I need strategy to which I subscribe. After all, a generation or two ago, people did quite well without cell phones, 52" plasma TVs, iPods, and SUVs.
  2. While I assumed US safety standards were being followed, recent product safety incidents with Chinese products have given me cause for concern. It's not worth saving a few dollars at the risk of personal health, which is irreplaceable.
While I think the rise of the Chinese economy is good, I think I will determine what it would take to buy only made in America. I am doing this partly for safety reasons (should I need to change), frugality reasons (maybe less to buy), and curiosity reasons (can it be done?). I am not doing this to boycott Chinese products or to make a statement. However, recent articles, such as US Family Tries To Live Without China, make me think it will be difficult to buy only American products.

Therefore, for the rest of this month, I will track my purchases, the origin of the product, and potential alternatives. For reference, I will only do this for my personal purchases and not the family purchases (e.g groceries, children's items) my spouse makes.

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