Monday, July 23, 2007

Stock Purchase Update - 7/23/07

In my 7/16/07 stock purchase update, I wrote about how my stock buy selections of Terex (TEX), Potash (POT), Shaw Communications (SJR) and Avnet (AVT) were performing. At that time, the portfolio was up $1782 for a 10.2% gain. With the current market volatility, I wanted to keep track of the portfolio more frequently. Here's the current status on the positions in these four stocks:
My Wealth Builder Buy List
StockSharesPurchase Price

Current Price

Terex (TEX)50



Potash (POT50



Shaw Communications B (SJR)50



Avnet (AVT)200



Overall, I continue to be happy with the performance of these four stocks, given the even higher gain of $2310 or 13.2%. Not bad for about 7-13 weeks of owning these stocks :-) In the last update, TEX and POT has risen signficiantly, while SJR and AVT were flat. This update, TEX and POT were flat or slightly down, while SJR and AVT rose significantly. This is one of the benefits of diversification, different stocks will have positive impact at different times.

I have been impressed with my ability to stay invested in these stocks, in spite of the market volatility. In the past, I would have closed out the entire position with this level volatility. However, given the behavior of the market to consistently rebound in the past several months, I believe we continue to be in a bull market, although the late stages.

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