Sunday, July 29, 2007

Retirement Saving Challenge - One Month Status

Those who joined the Retirement Saving Challenge on July 1, 2007 have almost completed a month. On Tuesday July 31, 2007, one should have one month of saving, either at a rate to create 12 times income at age 65, or at a rate of 12% of salary. Here's what one's savings should be at this time:

One Month Amount by Age To Achieve
Savings Equal To 12 Times Salary
Salary203040 5060*12% of Salary
$20,00045.83 105.62255.30 7033,316200

* Mathematically not possible. Shown only for reference

One can choose the lower of the 12 Times Number or the 12% Number. For example, if 20 and make $50,000 per year, one should have saved $114.57 by July 31, 2007. If more aggressive, one can choose to have saved $500.

Since this is an honor system challenge, there is no need to report one's results. I hope everyone is make progress towards their retirement savings target. Next update will be around August 26, 2007. Good luck til then.

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