Monday, July 16, 2007

Stock Purchase Update - 7/16/07

On 5/28/07, I wrote about my stock buy selections of Terex (TEX), Potash (POT), Shaw Communications (SJR) and Avnet (AVT). I initiated positions in Avnet on 4/20, Shaw Communications on 6/4, Terex and Potash on 6/7. Here's the current status on the positions in these four stocks:
My Wealth Builder Buy List
StockSharesPurchase Price

Current Price

Terex (TEX)50



Potash (POT50



Shaw Communications B (SJR)50



Avnet (AVT)200



Overall, I am happy with the entry price for and the current overall performance of these four stocks, which have a 10.2% gain of $1782. Not bad for about 6-12 weeks of owning these stocks.

This past week Investment Jungle evaluated these stock recommendations, in answer to a request from My Wealth Builder. Average Joe has graciously provided a detailed analysis of TEX, POT, SJR, and AVT using his Rule#1 system, which uses five metrics. His excellent analyses provided some additional perspective of which I was not aware. These four stocks have had highly variable results for the five metrics, showing that they have had bad times and are recently doing better. It was interesting that all four stocks consistently showed the characteristic of being a turnaround. I will continue to update my modified Unemotional Investor Growth system based on this new information.

Finally, for excellent fundamental analysis of stocks, I highly recommend Investment Jungle as a reference for one's stock investment decisions.

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Stock Market Beat said...

I like the idea of having people with different perspectives take a look at the same stock. I was talking to Average Joe at Investment Jungle about starting a Stock of the Week Club/Carnival where everyone has to write their thoughts on a particular stock. Would you be interested in participating in that?

Stock Market Beat

Super Saver said...


Great idea. I'd be interested in participating.

Anonymous said...

I began searching for mechanical investing sites - those that are similar to dogs of the dow and the unemotional investor. I was wondering what screening techniques or programs you were using specifically if you don't mind my asking.


Super Saver said...


I use a modified version of the Unemotional Investor Growth System. See

Anonymous said...

I had seen that post. I started reading the book a few days ago. To my knowledge the section of the motley fool where you can access the screens he was using is no longer being updated. As a result, I was wondering where you were accessing screens that work for you since it appears he seems to be relying on value line's data - which is no longer accessible.


Super Saver said...


I had heard the Motley Fool site or forum was asked by Value Line to stop publishing Rank 1 data, since VL considered it a violation of copyrights.

There are two options to get the data: 1) Subscribe to VL or 2)Check your local public library. I use #2 on a weekly basis and manually enter the data in my data base every 4-6 weeks. As the book points out, updating the data every quarter doesn't change the returns by much.