Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Are Now a Three Computer Family

Three people, three computers. OK, it's not as bad as it sounds, even though our daughter is just about to turn three. We didn't get struck by lifestyle inflation or an urge to justify getting a top of the line laptop.

Here's the story...

Since the 2006 holiday season, I have been considering buying a laptop computer. At the time, I noticed there were several good sales at Best Buy and Circuit City for $400 laptops, prior to Windows Vista. While interested, buying a laptop wasn't urgent at the time. Recently, as our daughter has become older, it has been difficult for my spouse to work for long periods in the den, which has the desktop computer. Since we already have a wireless modem, we decided a laptop would be good for use at home.

Last week, Hustler $$$ Blog shared a great deal at Best Buy for a Compaq laptop (with 1GB RAM, 15.4" wide screen, Intel Dual Core processor, DVD-RW, high speed USB, built-in wireless and Vista Home Premium) for $449.99. My tech savvy colleagues at worked rated it an excellent buy. I returned mid-week and bought the final computer in stock. In addition, we paid the $150 Geek Squad fee for set up, backup disk creation (3-5 hour job), and Norton Internet Security software. I was also able to use a $25 Best Buy gift card which I had received for doing a test drive.

Now back to having three computers...

As I said it is not as bad as it sounds. We are really a two computer family. We currently have a desktop (purchased in 2003), a new laptop, and a Windows 98 desktop purchased in 1999 before going to Japan. Since switching from dial-up to DSL, we have not been using the 1999 desktop computer much any more. It still has a few document files we want to keep, but haven't transferred. In addition, my father-in-law has a program that needs a computer that can still use DOS, which is Windows 98. We are holding it for him as a backup, in case his current Windows computer crashes.

Interestingly, the new laptop cost less than our desktop purchased in 2003 and has 3 times the RAM, upgraded operating system, and faster processor. Also, I have been exclusively using the laptop for work on My Wealth Builder. for If prices keep coming down, we may purchase another laptop for my wife, which was the original intent :-)

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Fred Schlomka said...

We're a four computer family, three mac laptops and a pc desktop. Whenever I buy a new laptop (every two-three years), I hand down the old one. So my wife and 14 year-old daughter have laptops and my son has the pc. As a gamer he needs the extra processing power. When my the sreen in my wife's laptop died, we didn't repair it but bought a cheap desktop screen and hooked it up. My wife never took the laptop anywhere anyway so she was quit pleased to have the larger screen.

Our wireless network with 2 repeaters enables us to use the laptops anywhere on our 1/2 acre property here in Israel.

I also have all my old laptops from the nineties dating back to the original black and white. I started computing in 1990 with a small Max plus, then started with laptops only. I'm now on my 5th laptop in 14 years.

Super Saver said...


Thanks for your comment.

I like the idea of handing down the older model. A good frugal and recycling strategy :-)