Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Questions To Determine If One Will Be Affluent

Free Money Finance had an interesting post sharing an assessment questionnaire from The Millionaire Next Door:

"The affluent tend to answer 'yes' to three questions we include in our surveys:
  1. Were your parents very frugal?
  2. Are you frugal?
  3. Is your spouse more frugal than you are? "

If the answer to all three is "YES," congratulations to being on the way to achieving affluence, if not already there. Free Money Finance also noted that single people still have the opportunity to influence #2 and #3 and therefore, have a chance to answer "YES" to two questions.

My build is that those of us who are parents can also control #1 for our children, giving them a better foundation for becoming affluent:-)

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