Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Exercise for Free

For me, gym memberships are one of the most unnecessary expenses. I just need to exercise. I don't need Olympic caliber equipment and a training program to get a workout. Since I don't play organized competitive sports anymore, I find other ways to get my exercise without a paying a monthly fee. Here are my top five ways to get exercise:

Daily routines. Instead of looking for the closest parking space, park farther away. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk down the hall instead of using the phone. By doing these, I add hundreds of extra steps into my daily routine.

Yard chores. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves and mulching the flower beds involve a good bit of physical effort. Do the work, get exercise and save money. Admittedly, I now pay someone to cut our lawn. However, my spouse and I still do the majority of other yard work.

Pickup games. Tennis and basketball are games one can play for free on public courts. I do it regularly with my friends and neighbors.

Simple home gym. Weight lifting can be done at home with a barbell set and bench for very little cost. I also have a punching bag, which currently is a bit underutilized.

Run or walk. This is the easiest one to do. Put on comfortable shoes and take stroll or jog around the neighborhood.

Any of these ways can be effective and free ways to get routine exercise, and without the burden of membership or monthly fees.

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simon said...

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Anonymous said...

We have a few things in common:
1. I have this same topic on a post queued up in a couple of days! :( (overlaps happen so often!)

2. i want to retire tomorrow. :) Actually I will, next year!

3. private equity? interesting.

Super Saver said...


Thanks for the comment.

Your private equity blog is interesting and your English is excellent. It is a good start on an Investment related blog.

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@ The Digerati Life,

1. Just shows you great minds think alike :-) I enjoyed your post.

2. I look forward to hearing about your arrival to early retirement.

3. I think I have mentioned a small investment I have in a LLC. However, I am still investing the bulking of my savings in publically traded companies.