Sunday, October 21, 2007

Expecting Sticker Shock

Today, I will be attending my first NFL football game during this decade. The last football game I attended was in the 90s. Even back then, it was expensive. Since then, the team has a new stadium, is paying at least 2-3 times higher salaries, and acquired some top talent in draft picks. I expect that it will be pretty costly to see the game in person.

Various sources show the cost for a family of four attending a NFL football game is now around $340, adjusted to 2007 dollars. Quite expensive by any standard. However, since I only attend a game once a decade, I'm not going to complain. It would ruin the fun of going to the game. After all, this is from our entertainment funds. :-)

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Photo Credit:, Jeltovski
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Armchair Fiduciary said...

My Wealth Builder, I like your attitude on this issue. The Rockies are headed to the World Series and even though it will cost a bundle, I will probably go ahead and go. How many chances will you get to go to the world series in person? Some things in life are worth doing once (or once a decade) even if they are a little expensive.

Super Saver said...


Good luck at getting tickets! And have a great time!