Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Characteristics Of Personal Finance Blogs I Like

Personal finance blogs are a great way to find information, get insights, and be entertained. The blogs I read have certain characteristics that make them appealing to me. Here are the top five characteristics I like:

Knowledgeable about personal finance. I like blogs that show a good understanding of the financial, psychological or mathematical basis for personal finance principles. I especially enjoy those that create new models, do analysis based on sound financial theory, or question basis of principles shared by personal finance books.

Follow their own principles. I prefer blogs that typically "eat their own cooking." Good ideas are plentiful. My challenge in personal finance is good execution of good ideas. It's helpful for me to see how people were successful in using their own personal finance principles to achieve their goals.

Provide links to new or insightful personal finance articles. The landscape for personal finance success is always evolving. Tax code changes, career opportunities , and market dynamics all affect how I do in personal finance. I want to be aware of the changes and learn of options to address them.

Share successful personal finance experiences. Theory is great and execution of the theory is even better. I particularly like success stories about eliminating debt or significantly reducing debt, tips for getting good deals, saving strategies, and relevant stock or real estate investment opportunities.

Live by their disclaimer. Every personal finance blog I've read has a disclaimer that says, " I am not a professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes. Nothing should be construed as advice, " or something similar. I like blogs that abide by their disclaimer and avoid providing advice to commenters, e-mail requests, or asking their readers for possible answers.

I try to incorporate these same characteristics when writing articles and hope it makes My Wealth Builder an entertaining and useful read.

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