Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Few Benefits of Retiring Young

After only being retired for 12 days, I can attest that there are great benefits to retiring in my forties. As one of my colleagues said, "Retiring was the best thing I ever did." Here are some of the benefits so far:

  1. More time with family. I am never faced with a dilemma of family time or work time any more. Now there is only one choice:-) My daughter needs me at a parent's night. Done. Dinner with the family. Done. Spending quality time with my spouse, especially to talk about our future. Done. No more multitasking between work and family efforts. I will also be mostly present as our daughter grows older.

  2. Healthier eating. Surprisingly, retirement has led me to eating better and more regularly. No more drinking five or more cups of coffee each day, no more doughnuts and no more skipping breakfast, lunch and getting home late for dinner. I now eat three meals, with more fruit and vegetables, and less sugar and carbohydrates. I've even lost five pound during this time without trying :-)

  3. More sleep. I used to be proud I slept 5 - 6 hours per night. I thought that 5 - 6 hours was "normal" for high performance people. Since retiring, I've enjoyed sleeping at least 8 hours and not getting up before the sun rises. I now agree the average American doesn't get enough sleep at less that 7 hours per night.

  4. Increased life expectancy. As Retire Early and Live Longer shared, younger retirees have longer a average life span, up to 20 more years. While the cause has not been discovered, I hope to also experience this benefit.

A number of my colleagues, friends and neighbors are still expecting me to announce my next job. I've already gracefully declined a few offers, including the paying ones. I guess I'm still at the "honeymoon phase" that retirees experience. At this point, I am still looking forward to further enjoying the liberation stage described in The Five Stages of Retirement.

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