Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Beginning - A Time Of Unlimited Choices

Since retiring last Tuesday, I've been relaxing as if every day is Saturday. This week, I will start investing more effort in defining the third phase of my life, retirement. I will be doing three things. First, I will take advantage of retirement transitional services that explore personal interests, strengths and possible applications. Second, I will read the "Three Boxes of Life" in depth. I have started reading it several times and never finished. Finally, I will be scanning the Web and personal finance periodicals for interesting articles on this topic.

On Tuesday, I will begin a two week series of courses exploring my strengths, interests, and identifying potential ways I can utilize them. In addition, I will take the series on starting my own business, should that be of interest.

The Three Boxes of Life, by Richard Bolles, divides life into Learning, Working and Leisure (Retirement) and offers strategies on how to deal with the stages. In the past, when I started the book, the concepts always resonated with me, but I was never motivated enough to finish. I was always too busy doing the "working" phase :-)

For inspiration, I will be reading articles such as, Pursuing Lifetime Dreams in Retirement, which shares such ideas as Taking Hobbies to the Next Level and Networking on the Net. While neither of these ideas are an exact match for, I will be interested in exploring the possibility of doing my dream job. In a nutshell, I can choose to do what I like to do :-)

These are exciting times for us.

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