Sunday, February 19, 2017

Changing My Retirement Sleeping Schedule

"Early to bed and early to rise." ~ Benjamin Franklin

When I was working, I would go to bed at midnight and get up at 5AM.   After retiring, I slowly evolved to going to sleep at midnight and getting up at 8PM.   I'm consciously thinking about gettng up earlier (about 5-6AM) and going to bed earlier (9-10 PM).    Even on weekends and holidays.

This may be challenging since I am more of a night person.  However, getting up early may allow me quiet time to put significant effort against some projects, before the family is awake.  Also, I've learned that even though I'm retired, there are still some things I need to do only during normal business hours.

So tonight, I'll be to bed by 10PM.  Tomorrow, I'll be up by 6AM.

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