Tuesday, February 07, 2017

DIY Refrigerator Maintenance

Our refrigerator has been cycling more frequently than normal for the past month.   The last time this happened, I vacuumed out the coils and the issue was corrected.  However, this time vacuuming reduced the problem but did not solve the issue.

Unfortunately, our coils aren't designed to be easily brushed out.   Checking the Internet, I learned of a compressed air option to blow out the dust on the coils.  My first thought was to use the reverse blowing option on our vacuum cleaner, but we were missing an attachment.  I then decided use our leaf blower as an alternative, although with caution as to not damage the wiring or other parts. With short bursts to prevent damage, I was able to blow out a significant amount of dust.

Initially, our refrigerator has stopped the constant cycling.   I'll see how the maintenance works over the next few days.   If the issue still occurs, I will call in repair technician to replace the defective part.

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This is not financial or appliance maintenance advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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