Thursday, February 16, 2017

Eating Out is Now an Expensive Norm

CNBC highlighted the high expense of extreme eating out an article on how one couple spent $30,000 last year on away from home meals.  That's $82 a day for their three person family.

When I was growing up, eating out, even at McDonald's was a rare event.   My mom cooked most of our meals from scratch.  TV dinners, as frozen prepared meals were called back then, were also a special occasional treat.  

From college forward, I became used to eating out.  There was the company cafeteria, quick meals in the evening, and entertainment with friends.  I don't know how much I spent since I didn't keep track of the amount.

We don't eat out as much anymore since I am on a strict vegan no added oil diet.   Still, we do go out occasionally as a family for special celebrations, such as birthdays, at an average cost of $120. Also, we'll go to a fast food restaurant if we are out a while with the kids, which costs $10-$20.  So, we might spend $80 average a month eating out.   Even then, that adds up to about a $1000 per year.  But we would probably easily spend at least $600 a month  (or $20 a day) eating out if we both working and I didn't have a dietary restriction.

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