Friday, February 03, 2017

Outsourcing Time Consuming Tasks

"Less money, but more time." ~ my comment when I retired early

We are typically do-it-yourselfers for most work around the house.  Before retirement, it was one of the ways we were able to save more money.  However, it does take time.

In the past decade, the one exception was cutting the grass, which we had a lawn company do.   It freed up a lot of time, since it took 2-3 hours for me to mow and edge our lawn.  It was worth the cost.

This year, we hired a company paint the interior of our house.  We also had the same company do the exterior of our house, and the return to paint more of the interior.  The cost was well worth it.

Although I still do a lot of simple maintenance work around the house, e.g. replacing light switches or shoveling snow, we are starting to outsource work that takes significant time to do.  For example, this year had had the lawn company do one leaf removal, which would have taken us several hours over several days to do.  We will probably have them do the leaf removal again next year.

We still don't mind doing household cleaning and laundry work yet.  Often, we can multitask and get this work done.   So it is not an issue yet.  However, if that work becomes too time consuming in the future, we may consider outsourcing, so that we can free up time to enjoy retirement and get our household tasks completed.

Less money saved, but more time for us.

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