Saturday, February 18, 2017

Places I Like to Shop

First, I admit I am an technology Neanderthal.  I don't have a cell phone, I don't have a Facebook account, and I don't shop online.

I still prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores, where I can still touch and feel the item(s) I am buying.   Still I have a preference of stores where I make purchases.  Here is my top stores list:

  • Costco -  First, I know Costco is charging a minimum markup price.  So I know I am getting a good deal.  Second, I like the items the Costco buyers choose.  There selection is not wide, but it is good.   Third, Costco has a lifetime satisfaction and return policy, except for computers, cameras, and TVs.  So I can try something out for a while and decide.   The downside is the emphasis on bulk purchases, leading me to buy a several months worth of some items.

    I like buying specialty clothing, seasonal gear, and staples (like batteries) at Costco.   Occasionally, I find something that I really wasn't considering, but thought it would be fun to try (e.g. a gazebo kit, which took me a couple weeks to assemble).

  • Lowe's -  This is my go to store for household maintenance items.  I can usually find what I need or they will direct me to a place that my carry the item.  Also, several of the associates are long time employees and are very knowledgeable.  The prices are also very good.  I applied for the Lowe's credit card, since it gives an automatic 5% discount.  Lately, Lowe's has been giving out an 11% coupon randomly when I make a purchase.

    We purchased our last two kitchen appliances there.  We found new handles to upgrade our cabinet look.   We just purchased electrical plate covers to replace the brass ones.  Our next purchase will be to replace the faucets and sinks as needed.

  • Whole Foods - Yeah, they're expensive.  However, often they are the only grocery store that carry some of the prepared vegan, no oil added foods that are part of my diet.  Fortunately, these products go on sales sometimes and I stock up.

  • Trader Joe's -  Good healthy food and great prices.  An excellent opportunity to try new foods.   Also, it has a great selection of staples that help me maintain my vegan, no added oil diet.

  • Kroger's -  This is our local grocery store.  They have been expanding into the organic foods market with their own private label brand, which is very cost competitive.  Also, we buy a lot of our produce here.
These stores are where I probably spend 80% of my funds.   So I really don't need the online purchasing capability.

Disclosure:  We own Kroger in our personal accounts.  One of our managed accounts owns Costco.  Also, I received no compensation for writing this post.

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