Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Significantly Increased My Network

One outcome of my temporary full time job has been a big increase in my network of contacts.  Working for a non-profit requires a significantly different and broader set of contacts than working for a private company.  During my working years, my contacts were primarily my business organization, with focus on my functional organization.  There were limited contacts with outside companies.  In my retirement part time jobs, I had a similar and different network experience. Most of company contacts were limited to my own office.  However, I had a wide range of interactions with a diverse group of customers, up to 99 different people a year.

For the non-profit, I've had the same experience with a limited company network of primarily the board members.   However, I also interact with a broad network of volunteers, members and corporate sponsors.  The diversity and breadth of the network is larger than any I have ever dealt with before.  I work with HR departments of major corporations, volunteers from these same corporations, and college students from over 30 schools from around the country. In addition, I think I will maintain contact with parts of the network, even after leaving the organization.   
At this point, I'm not sure how this increase network will benefit me.  However, in the next couple weeks, I will try to engage the network with a proposal to hire me for one of my dream jobs :-)

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