Monday, September 20, 2010

Asked For and Got a Raise

I decided to ask for a raise for one of my part-time jobs. It was a very easy decision. I was compensated at a lower rate since I am not a state certified teacher. After teaching for one year, I felt I had demonstrated skills and successes comparable to the certified teachers in the organization. Also, a raise would confirm my belief that I was doing an excellent job.

Although I had planned to make the request in person, I ended up doing it over e-mail since I don't see the owner regularly. It was a short three sentence request. I asked what was needed to be compensated as a certified teacher. I summarized my direct contributions for the past year. I shared how I helped grow the business.

The next day, the owner responded with a 20% increase in my hourly rate to match that of certified teachers. For reference, the absolute pay increase will be small since I only taught 40 hours last year. However, it was still exciting to ask for and get a raise, especially given the current economic situation.

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