Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Timeless Articles from the Archives #7

It's been over four years since I started My Wealth Builder. As I think about topics to write , I often remember, "I've written about that before," and decide to find a new topic. However, since many principles of personal finance are timeless, I want to include them in a recent post on My Wealth Builder. Therefore, I have started a series called "Timeless Articles from the Archives" that will highlight posts from the same week in 2006-2009.

For the week in 2007, I wrote The Education of Our Daughter in which I shared the additional training I believe our daughter should have to be successful in the future. In Business Week - Retiring Early Strategies: The Fifties , I evaluated the strategies shared and added perspective based on my experience.

For the week in 2008, I wrote Joined A Health Club which gave the reasons for doing something I thought we would never do.

To me, the content of these posts are still relevant today and were worth reading again.

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