Friday, September 24, 2010

My Best Ever Volunteer Job Yet

I recently started doing a volunteer job in which part of my role is to play golf. My specific job is to assist golfers with disabilities to play at an executive 9-hole course. If the golfer is interested, I can play along with him.

This is my best ever volunteer job for the following reasons:
  • Enjoyable - Although I am poor golfer, I do enjoy playing the game, mainly for the company and to be outdoors. The golfer whom I assist and I are very compatible. Since volunteering, my golf game has improved. This summer, my big achievement was scoring my first eagle.

  • Convenient time - We play on a weekday morning once every couple weeks on a day that is good for both of us. Since we only play 9 holes, the total time committed is about four hours when my travel time is included.

  • Freebies - The course does not charge me for playing when assisting golfers with disabilities.

  • Volunteer credits - For each round of golf, four hours are credited against my volunteer time. When I reach 100 hours, I am able to use park services, including golf, in the system at no charge.
  • At this point, I can't think of any downsides for this volunteer job. Hopefully, the golfer will continue to ask me to assist him.

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