Thursday, September 23, 2010

Combining Work with Bonding Time

One of my part time jobs is teaching science in an after-school program. A job perk is that my daughter can attend to for free. Last year, I brought her to most of my K-2 classes since she was attending half day pre-kindergarten. She enjoyed learning and being with the older students at school. Since our daughter is in full day kindergarten this year, attending my classes at other schools would not be an option. My solution was to teach a program at her school.

Based on my first class, the idea is working out well.
  • Time together. I get to spend an hour with my daughter and teach her about science. Best of all, she considers it a fun time with me.

  • Already know some students. Usually, I don't know any of the students on the first day of class. In this class, 25% of the kids are our daughter's friends.

  • Teach about working. Last year, I paid my daughter 50 cents per class to help clean up the room. I am continuing to do this so that my daughter can learn about earning money for work.

For now, our daughter is still delighted that she is in a class that I am teaching. I think it's great that I can spend time with her and get paid for doing so :-)

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