Thursday, September 02, 2010

Remembering Dad's Generosity

Even though we were far from wealthy, Dad always seemed to have enough money for activities and education for the kids.

While browsing in a sporting goods store for our daughter's soccer equipment, I had a flashback to when my Dad was outfitting me to play little league football. Based on today's equipment, I estimate it costs between $200 to $300 for the basic equipment (pants/pads, shoulder pads, helmet, and shoes). That's before the extras such as gloves, arm pads, and undergarments. My dad never seemed to worry about cost when choosing equipment. I still recall him evaluating shoulder pads and helmets for sturdiness instead of price. He always wanted to get the best protection for me. So while it cost much less forty years ago, it was still a financial sacrifice for my parents purchase sports equipment and enroll me in sports teams.

Thinking back, I don't remember not being able to do an activity or sport because of insufficient funds.

Dad had the same attitude when it came to college. He wanted me to attend the best school that accepted me. He didn't ask me to apply to the state college as a lower cost option. When I was offered admission to Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern, there was no concern about costs. Dad planned to finance attending the college that I chose, which helped me minimize the amount of student loans needed.

Dad has been gone for almost four years, but I haven't forgotten the value of his generosity. Even during this recession, we've maintained the spending level for our daughter's activities. We also have continued making contributions to college savings accounts which will hopefully cover all the expenses of higher education when needed.

Hopefully, our daughter will have the same appreciation for us when she reaches adulthood.

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