Saturday, July 20, 2013

Disappearance of Financial Blogs

I have been blogging for almost 7 years.  Many of the financial bloggers that started about the same time are no longer blogging.  There are about 15 blogs that I track on the right sidebar blogroll.  I lose 1-2 bloggers a year as evidenced by recent posts being a year or more.  If I search, I can probably find about 50 blogger that I knew about 7 years ago.   Here's what I assume may have caused the end of their blogs:

  • Lack of time.  For most, blogging is not their day job.   Bloggers usually have full time jobs, families and other commitments.   Also, life changes can significant reduce the priority for blogging.
  • Lack of compensation.  Some were interested in making money blogging. Some expected lots and some expected a little.  In most cases, it was less than expected.
  • Lack of content.   It's tough to find interesting financial topics to post every day.  It's hard to find new topics, new perspectives or new ideas. 
  • In my case, I have experience all three reasons to stop.  However, I have continued blogging because it's a nice daily routine.   I enjoying writing a short piece about my latest financial (and sometimes non-financial) thinking.  Right now, I don't see stopping anytime soon, but that could change as it has for many other bloggers. 

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