Sunday, July 28, 2013

My New Retirement Job

Due to inheritance of property from my parents, we are now diversified into real estate. One property is commercial land, and the other property is a 33% share in a commercial rental. The real estate portion is about 15% of our total retirement and investment accounts. The proportion may be a little high, but is acceptable since acquiring the properties did not reduce existing financial assets,

At this point, I plan to keep both properties.    The land is in a the middle of a development zone that has slowed due to the recession.  While there is currently limited interest in the land, I expect the demand for development land in the area will return in 3-5 years.    The commercial rental is currently doing well and is expected to provide a regular income.

Both properties will require involvement from me, which is one reason I am no longer working part time wage jobs in retirement.  Working on these properties will be my new retirement job.  Maybe this work will become my perfect retirement job.

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