Monday, July 15, 2013

How I Stay on My Diet

Since I was diagnosed with blockages in my heart arteries, I've put myself on a restrictive diet: first the Ornish diet and now the Esseltyn diet.   Initially, I was eating no animal products except for non-fat dairy and egg whites, no nuts and seeds, no avocados or olives, and no added fats or oils.  I have since excluded all dairy and egg whites.  

People usually surprised that the diet is voluntary; I've decided to do it based on the literature that I've read. Second, they are surprised that I plan to stay on the diet.  Third, they are surprised that I don't cheat, which I have typically done with diets in the past.

Here's what helps me stick with my diet:
  • Readily available health food.  Grocery stores now carry products that meet my diet requirement so that not everything needs to be made from scratch.   For example, there are whole grain breads made without oils, soy milk with no added oils, oil free salsa, etc.
  • Internet.  There are numerous recipes for my diet available by searching online.
  • Support.  My family and friends are supportive of my diet.   They help me find tasty food options that meet my diet restrictions.
  • Time.  Since I'm retired, I can invest more time and effort into cooking healthy food.

  • I know that the diet would have been much more difficult to maintain 20 years ago, and even 10 years ago.  With all the resources and capabilities available today, I think I will be able to stay on this diet.

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