Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Best Times for Lockdown Shopping

With stay-at-home orders, we only go out to do shopping for groceries and other essential.    The main stores for us are Kroger, Whole Foods, and Costco.

After several shopping trips to each, here is my conclusion for best times (least crowds) and worst times (most crowds, often with lines).

Best Time:

  • Within 1 hour of closing.    Stores are generally not crowded.   No lines to enter.  However, shopping has to be quickly and efficiently since stores close promptly or a little ahead of schedule (Costco).
Worst Time
  • Midday between 10am-2pm.  Most crowded time.  Lots of families.  Often a line to enter store (Costco). 
  • Over 60 time -   I only tried this once at Kroger.   It was very crowded.   Much less crowded after the special shopping hour.  Haven't tried Whole Foods special time yet.
So most of my shopping trips are done about an hour before closing.   

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