Sunday, April 26, 2020

Breakout on May 1

Our state is targeting to come out of lockdown on May 1 by slowly allowing businesses to reopen.  While I have no objections to the imposed lockdown, I am ready to start moving back to some semblance of pre-lockdown.

Here are my short term specific plans:
  • Get a haircut.   May 1 is two weeks after my normal timing.  
  • Get a routine blood test, which I have delayed.
  • Have our air conditioning serviced, which was allowed during the lockdown.
  • Get a routine eye exam.
  • Get a tooth filling for our son.
Here is what I am going to wait to do:
  • Eat out at a restaurant.   To me this is still risky since restaurants are not used to sanitizing.
  • Use health club equipment.  I was cautious before COVID-19.
  • Group gatherings with neighbors and friends.  Will probably wait a while.  
  • Amusement parks, trampoline parks, etc.  Will wait a while.
If no spike happens after the reopen, I will likely be more adventuresome in my activities.

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