Friday, April 17, 2020

The Silver Linings from Lockdown

The Coronavirus lockdown  has been a challenging event.  After all, we're all used our freedom to go where we choose and whenever we want.  However, there have been multiple benefits from stay-at-home orders.
  • Healthier eating.   We are eating all of our meals at home.  Typically, our kids would have school lunches five days a week, and sneak in snack food during school days.  We would also eat out occasionally.  Now, they are eating fresh prepared foods for most of their meals.  Mainly, because fresh produce is usually not out of stock at groceries during the lockdown.  Yes, we do eat some processed foods also, but probably still  probably overall healthier than prior to the lockdown.
  • Schooling exposure.  Our schools have been closed since mid March, which all classes converted to distance learning.  For our 9th grader, she has be able to do it on her own.  However, for our 1st grader, my spouse has been very involved.  So we have been able to better see what our son is learning and is having trouble learning.   
  • DIY project progress.  Since people are at home more, I feel more pressure to take care of a few DIY home project repairs.   Being ever the procrastinator, I already have most of the parts and just need to do them.
  • Decluttering.  We are pack rats, keeping old toys, old books, old clothes and stuff.   In addition, we have inherited some more stuff with the passing of our parents.  Since we're home most of the time, we are motivated to clear out some of the clutter.
  • More and better family time.  We're with each other 24/7.   We eat all our meals together, do projects around the house together, hike in nearby parks together, and watch TV together.  It's like being on vacation, but at home, instead of a hotel room. 
  • Less chauffeuring.  Previously, we were constantly driving the kids to sports, music lessons, and extracurricular activities.   All are either canceled or done via the Internet.
  • Better air quality.  Although not an issue in our area, air pollution has significantly declined due to less plane and car travel.
Our slow emergence from lockdown is expected to begin May 1, 2020.   While I am looking forward to regaining previous freedoms, I will miss many of the benefits experienced during lockdwon.

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