Saturday, April 11, 2020

Expect a Big Rally Next Week

COVID-19 health impact appears to be less than worst case and less than anticipated a week ago.  If the trend continues, I expect a sharp rally next week.    Perhaps not sustainable, but maybe enough to enable me to recover most of our losses. 

If the rally happens, I plan to continue selling and taking profits in our peripheral holdings.

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Jubin J said...


Do you think the current situation with the financial market and fed's actions is a repeat of Japan 2002? Growth remaining tepid, FED ramping up asset purchases. Similar to Japan in March 2001. Targeted long-term government bond purchases, which lowered yields on assets?

If that is the case, I am expecting stocks to decline further. April and May will be very interesting for Earnings.


Super Saver said...

Hi Jubin,

Yes, I think the Japanese scenario of low interest rates, and deflation is a possibility. But hard to predict what will happen since U.S. economy is different than Japan's.

I do expect the stock market of fall back to March lows, which is why I am selling into the rally. I will be able to buy back at lower prices.