Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fast Food No Longer Agrees with my Stomach

My spouse is a food scientist and she is very knowledgeable of what is healthy to eat and what is not. Since we've been married, I've been slowly converted to eating healthy. I'm sure I will live 10-20 years longer because of my spouse :-) I now eat lower fat, more whole grains, more vegetables and less meat.

However, I've noticed an unintended consequence from healthy eating. I no longer can routinely eat fast food menu items without my stomach feeling uncomfortable. At first, I thought it was related to the raw onions, but I realized it wasn't just the onions. It's the high fat, high salt and high calories. I now realize that I prefer to have a well balanced meal instead of a fast food quarter pound burger with two slices of cheese and a healthy dose of condiments.

Yes things have changed. I still enjoy a hamburger, but now it's organic, grass fed and 90% lean.

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Wojciech Kulicki said...

I've had a similar experience with my lunch selection. Until recently, we used to go out for lunches all the time, and it was usually a meal high in fats and carbs that put me to sleep sometime around 2 PM.

Recently, I started to eat salads religiously for lunch. I've actually found that I crave lettuce and other vegetables if I skip out on eating salad over the weekend or on a trip out of town.

It's amazing how we can re-train our bodies!

Brent said...

Same here. Since my marriage I've been eating a lot healthier and I can no longer stomach the junk I used to eat. I used to have no problems putting down a few donuts for breakfast. Now, I have one and I feel that heavy feeling in my stomach for hours. Oh well, adapt or die.