Friday, November 06, 2009

Part Time Job Situation is Improving

In the past two months, I've gone from no part time jobs to having three part time jobs concurrently for November through January. If all goes well with the third part time job, it may last through April or even become a regular part time job. The best news is that if the third part time job were permanent, it would cover almost 25% of our annual expenses for 20 hours work per month.

The job is with a supplier to the company from which I retired. They have hired me as a advisor to help them generate more business with my former company. For me, this part time assignment is a perfect fit. When I was working, I would give the supplier advice on how they could be more help to my company. Now, I am going to be paid to implement the advice I was giving while I was working :-)

While the offer was for up to 6 months, I asked for a 3 month contract with option to renew. I did this for two reasons:
  • I wanted only a short term commitment, giving the supplier and me a gracious way (non-renewal) to end the arrangement, if things didn't work out. Since taking early retirement in October, 2007, I've enjoyed working part time for a maximum of 3 to 4 months and then taking a break until the following year. I wasn't looking forward to committing to more than 4 months yet.
  • I wanted to create a sense of urgency to do the project. I really believe the assignment can be done in three months or less. With only a three month assignment, I can motivate both companies to make decisions or take actions on the proposal that has been made. I didn't want the work to expand to fill the time, if the assignment was 6 months.
  • Overall, this should be a very enjoyable part time job. I get to reconnect with colleagues from my last assignment before retiring. I get to leverage my skills and experience in my areas of expertise. Finally, I get to start and successfully complete the project in only three months, which would be very satisfying to me.

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