Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

"Always ask for something you want. The worst that can happen is the answer is 'no'." ~ saying at work

Tonight I met a friend at a local restaurant. I chose the location because they previously had a great happy hour deal of $1 pints. Although I didn't call ahead to check, I noticed a poster advertising $1 pints when I entered.

However, when we received the check, we were charged $2 per pint, because the beers were imports. The bartender pointed to a new banner that advertised the new prices. I was surprised since I sure that I had seen something earlier advertising $1 pints for all beers. I walked to the entrance, found the poster and pointed it out to the hostess, who told me it was the manager's decision. I showed the manager the sign, which he acknowledged, but told me he couldn't reduce the beer prices due to state liquor laws. I told him I understood, but asked if he could comp the appetizer instead, which was an equivalent discount. I figured we were going to pay the new full price, but decided it wouldn't hurt to ask, very nicely.

The manager agreed and comped the appetizers, effectively giving us the $1 price for pints. We still gave the bartender a tip on the original prices, which was a 50% tip on the discounted price. Also, we left as satisfied customers, who will very likely return.

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