Friday, November 20, 2009

Not Aging Gracefully

In my opinion, aging gracefully must be an urban myth that's been perpetuated by personal development or self help literature. I, for one, am not aging very gracefully. Here are my examples of ungraceful aging.
  • Longer times to heal. Seemingly minor injuries take weeks, months and even longer to heal. I can no longer take it easy for a week and be full strength again in a short period. Three years ago, I had foot pains that lasted over a year. Recently, I strained my knee at the end of the summer and it still has not fully healed.

    In addition, I seem more susceptible to injury, with small bumps and sprains becoming bigger issues.

  • Slower. Although I still have some quickness, I am much slower in the sports that I play. While my mind still thinks I can, I am no longer reaching balls that used to be routine in the past. For our household maintenance, it takes me much longer to do my current tasks or learn to do new tasks.

  • Aching joints. I'm guessing that some of my joints are starting to get arthritic. They ache, even though there is no apparent injury. In addition, they get stiff after sitting or lying in the same position for an extended period.

  • Aging gracefully definitely in not in my future. However, I do think I can age respectfully, by adapting to my physical changes, keeping a positive attitude and overcoming challenges on a regular basis. In addition, I can try to remain young in mind and young in heart :-)

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    Brad Castro said...

    Here's a tip I learned in my early 30s about speeding up the healing process on injuries to your right foot: STOP DRIVING!

    I had a minor muscle pull of some kind to my right heel - but I swear I kept the injury alive needlessly for about nine months because I had to commute every day to an uninspiring 9-5 job.