Saturday, March 31, 2012

Almost as Good as Elite Frequent Flier Status

Recently, we took an airplane trip with our daughter, her first since the adoption flight from China in 2005.  Having her along was as good has having Frequent Flier Elite status with the airline.  Here the Elite Status perks we received:

  • Priority line for security check.  We were able to use the much shorter security check line for people with young children.  This line was even shorter than the elite status and flight crew security check line.

  • No full body scan.  Full body scans are done randomly during the security check.  However, TSA guidelines are to: 1) Not do full body scans on young children and 2) Not separate parents and young children.  My spouse had already decide to do a full body pat down instead of a full body scan for herself and our daughter.  The TSA rep informed us that a parent and child would go through the normal metal detection device.

  • Seating assistance.   The airline took extra effort to ensure the family was sitting together.  This was good since we were unable to pre-choose seats on the outbound flight and I didn't try to pre-select seats on the returning flight.

  • Overall, the check in and flight experience was surprisingly excellent and much better than I expected, mainly because we had a seven year old in our travelling party.

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