Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working for a Bully Boss

In the company from which I retired, managers go through significant training on being a manager.   While I didn't agree with all my managers, all of them were good managers.   I never worked for someone that I considered a bully boss.  Since retiring, I've worked a several managers that I consider a bully boss.

Here are some of the characteristics of these bullies:

  • Poor listening skills.  While the bully boss may ask for input, he hardly listens. He isn't really interested in the other person's points.   He is always thinking of what he has to say next.

  • Always right.  The bully boss believes he is always right, even when he is wrong. He will often cause additional unnecessary work to prove he is right. As we say in for engineering problems, "You can violate the the laws of thermodynamics." The bully boss will definitely claim it's possible to do so :-)

  • One way to do things. To the bully boss, there is only one way to do work: his way. That's because it simplifies his work process even though it complicates everyone else's work processes

  • Management yes person.The bully boss tends to curry favor from his superiors through excessive compliments and praise. In addition, he will implement management's plans without any constructive consideration.

  • In two of the jobs, I simply quit or did not reapply the following year. In the third job, I haven't decided whether to quit or wait for the inevitable replacement of the boss.

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