Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Journey to Become an Adult

In Life Principles from Kindergarten, I shared three principles of behavior my daughter was taught in kindergarten.

  • Take care of yourself.

  • Take care of others.

  • Take care of your environment.

  • I thought these were great princples for kindergartern and life. 

    To me, these principles are a great way to check whether our daughter has making progress adulthood.

  • Take care of yourself.  Can she support herself without assistance from family, friends or government?  While this status is at least 10 years away, we can start by teaching her good financial principles as a foundation.

  • Take care of others.  Is she able to provide help when needed to family and friends?  Doing increase levels of household chores is one way to demonstrate progress.

  • Take care of your environment.  Does she take care of the family space and her room?  Picking up after herself and keeping her room clean is a start.

  • The best part about these princples is that our daughter has them memorized and can understand what she needs to do.  Hopefully, this will help us better guide her towards adulthood.

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