Friday, March 02, 2012

Trying to Create my Perfect Retirement Job

After four and a half years of retirement, I haven't found the perfect job...yet.  In My Perfect Retirement Job I listed the four criteria:  seasonal, flexible hours, working directly with clients and good pay.  I thought I had found three jobs that met the criteria.    Since that time, I've learned that none of the jobs completely meet all four criteria.  So instead, I'm going to try to create the perfect retirement job.

What changed?   First, in two of my jobs, management decided to become more "corporate."  By more "corporate," I mean actively systematizing work processes and taking action to significantly grow the business.  While I agree both companies are taking the right steps, I really didn't sign up for investing significant time and effort on corporate activities at my pay rate.  As I've told one supervisor, some of the work they are asking me to do is above my pay grade.  Since I am not interested in advancing further in either company, I have no interest in taking on additional responsibility without first being paid a lot more. In the third job, I learned that I am better working with one client at a time instead of a group of clients such as a class room.

None of these changes or revelations are show stoppers.  I haven't quit any of the jobs, although I have cut way back on my hours in all three jobs, as low as zero in one job.  I expect that I will be phasing myself out of these jobs in the next couple of years.

Creating my perfect job.  I know my strengths and what I enjoy doing. I know some companies that may compensate me highly to benefit from my experience and knowledge. I've put together a brief proposal, floated a trial balloon among key stakeholders and received positive feed back.

At this point, I've received some interest in my proposal.  I will let the interested organizations give the idea more consideration before inquiring again.   I believe there are some companies and individuals that would benefit significantly and pay for my services While I'm waiting, I'll start preparing materials, so that the initial elements will be ready when someone is interested.

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