Friday, March 16, 2012

Not Getting My Perfect Job

After Trying to Create my Perfect Retirement Job, I am disappointed that my boss does not feel the work is high enough priority for the company.  As a counter offer, my boss asked me to do some work for the company that is important, but in which I have little knowledge or interest.  So I declined.

As a result, I plan to let my employment contract expire and will not accept an extension.  I will provide a resignation letter effective the last day of my contract so the company is aware of my intentions.  Then, I will complete my outstanding projects.  With any remaining time, I will put against the project which I declined   For reference, I can work on anything if the time is limited and short :-)

I'm already down to less than 10 hours a week this month as I do the final steps in transitioning to my successor.  So going to zero when my contract ends will be a smooth change back to retirement.

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