Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recycling Old Business Cards

Due to my multiple part time jobs, I have lots of business cards which I can't use during the time I'm not employed.  I used to throw the cards away.   However, my brother-in-law gave my spouse an idea recycling unneeded business cards:  use them as small note cards.   I thought this was a great idea for the following reasons:
  • Free.   Well, at least free to me.  Otherwise, the cards would be discarded since I usually need a card with different information the following year

  • Size.   It's a convenient size to carry. A business card is perfect for putting in my wallet or shirt pocket.

  • Easy to track.  I generally put one topic, idea or task on each card.   When a task is complete, I just throw away the card.  I occasionally do a short high priority to do list of the items that must be done before the end of the day.  I no longer have a list on a full page that I cross out as items are completed. 
  • I started using the system a two months ago and like it so far. The only issue is that I occasionally have a proliferation of note cards when I fall behind in getting things done.

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