Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Signs of Being on the Fast Track

Career advancement is one of the best ways to increase income. Being on the fast track is a way to increase income even faster. For reference, I wasn't on the fast track for most of my career. My brief shining moment was when I advanced two management levels in three years, which is one the quickest that had been done. Based on my own short experience, and the experience of others, here are some signs I've noticed that people are on the fast track.
  • Management Conversation.People on the fast track are often identified early in their career, within the first five years.  Senior management will often have career conversations with potential future leaders and share the company's perspective.

  • Management Influence. Being on the fast track means being consulted as important decisions are being made.  Even though not directly involved, people on the fast track are sought after by senior management for relevant information.

  • Tough Assignments.  Being on the fast track means getting opportunities to work on tough work projects. Future company leaders need to take a company to good and bad times. It important to know how some will perform during the bad times.

  • Looking back, I was clearly not on the fast track in the first third of my career. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but the middle third of my career could be considered being on the fast track.  During that time, management let me know I had promotion potential, I was interacting with the GM even though there were two levels between the GM and me, and I was offered tough assignments. I was promoted two levels during this period to the top 5% of management in my organization.  The last third of my career was also not on the fast track as I had achieved what would be my final promotion level in the company.

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