Friday, December 03, 2010

Barely Passed an Exam

For my seasonal part-time financial services job, we are now able to to take certification exams to advance in position and pay level. Last year, I was able to advance eight levels by scoring a passing grade on eight exams. Under the previous system, it would have taken me four years to advance the same eight levels based educational hours. This year, I decided to try advancing the last two levels by taking the required tests.

Personally, I prefer the new advancement system of using certification tests. Previously, we were required to take a specific amount of education hours and were limited to advancing two levels a year. Now, each year, I can advance as many levels as there are certification tests.

While I was able to pass previous exams with minimal study time, I decide to invest more effort in the last two tests to ensure that I would pass on the first try. For today's test, I took all the prerequisite courses, passed all the course exams, and brought the all relevant materials to the test since it was open book. Ironically, despite doing extensive preparation and taking extra time to complete the test, I scored the minimum passing grade the test.

In the past, I would have been disappointed at not getting a higher score. However, now that I'm retired, the minimum passing grade is good enough. For me, it's onto the second and final certification exam.

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